Frequently Asked Questions

Yes people actually asked for this.

Favourite book?

Tough question. Probably Heaven Help Us by Arto Paasilinna.


This whole copywriter thing... is it not a bit... eh... do you have a back-up plan to earn your money?

My original plan was to run the world. But back in 2011 this girl named Beyoncé came and took that one of the table. (Don't get it?) In other words, this is the back-up plan.


Why isn't your site pixel perfect?

I'm not a designer. Deal with it.


What about the colors on your site?

Picking a colorscheme turned out to be harder task than expected. I never do these things. Where does one start?

Before going on the internet for inspiration I wrote down that whatever the colors would be, they would have to feel somewhat connected to who I am. It's my portfolio right? And that got me thinking...

Long story short, I based the colors on my childhood. Since I'm Utrecht raised and Utrecht based, I went with red and white as my main colors.

For my supportive colors I used a gray with colorcode #030303 (nul-drie-nul) after Utrechts phone code & blue because a big part of my life takes place in Langweer (Friesland) and if you look at their Flag...


What are your dreams?

I have a few. Living abroad (new culture new energy), owning a Ferrari (458 Italia), making my own documentary and last but not least, being known for my work. Seems like a stretch, but I will turn them into reality at some point in my life. Or atleast... that's the goal.


What is your biggest nightmare?

Waking up on monday and really (really) not wanting to go to work. Work should be fun. (Most of the time.)


Why is your favicon a robot?

It's actually not a robot but a Rikbot. You can also find it in ink on my arm (soon) and there is quite a story behind this one. I might tell you sometime in the future if we are close. Untill then this will be one of my mysteries. Sorry.


Which brother are you speaking to in your song Slow down?

You must confuse me with Douwe Bob. Happens quite often. I'm not the guy. I have a little more fat and a little less tatoos. Oh and he's probably better at singing (although we never did karaoke so...)


What about the joke with your dogs name?

Some jokes are better left unexplained. (But be sure to ask if we ever grab a coffee or beer together.)


What is your favourite sneaker?

My favourite sneaker is a fairly recent one from Nike, called Flooded. It's a shame it was designed for women because I therefore could not get it in my size. That being said I'm also really happy with this Sketch to Shelf pair that I've just gotten.


Another question or just looking to chat?

Say !