Batavus design challenge

For the Dutch their bike is more than just a means of transport. It's part of who they are. It says something about them. That's why they like to turn a bike into their bike by customizing it. As kid with beads, as teenager with stickers and as student with spraycans. But what if we let them truly design a bike? If we gave them the keys to the factory?

To show the Dutch that Batavus values their opinions and listens to them when designing their bikes we organized a design challenge. We invited 10 young Dutch artists to express their skills on a rather unique canvas; a brand new Batavus Quip.

After the jury had drawn up a shortlist we asked people on social media to vote. With an unique reach of 380.000 and engagement rate of 65% (quadruple of the set target) the response exceeded all expectations. The Dutch spoke and Batavus listened. The winning design went in production and became a limited edition.