The first job

After a few years of partying and trying out different studies I decided that "this thing called marketing" was my game. Since an eye is king in the land of the blind and making money with my computer seemed easier than waiting tables I decided to ignore my lack of education or experience and just took on a job designing a logo.

With my allegedly (for all you sneaky Adobe lawyers out there) not so legal copy of Photoshop and some Youtube tutorials I decided to just wing it. No rationale, no concept. Just something that felt right. That I thought would look good on their potatoe crates. The fun part? They thought it too. No review rounds, no feedback. Just a thank you, some beers and a few bucks. Back then I probably was the happiest guy working in the industry. 

Only created one or two logo's after, but who cares. This was the job that got the fire burning. The one that got me excited for marketing, branding and advertising. The first job, never forget!