Lorem Riksum

Because I wanted my own placeholder.

When creating a campaign there was this moment where I was sitting with a UX-designer to create a landingpage for the campaignwebsite. As everything was still in the woodworks there was no copy. It was after 5 and we wanted to finish up the wireframe before going home. To give it a night rest so to speak. 

When my collegue went away to grab another beer, I quickly took over his laptop and started writing placeholder copy in his wireframe on sketch. Lorem Riksum was born...

We fooled around with it in some other projects and for some reason it stayed in my workflow. I use the lorem Riksum because I find it funny. Everytime I put it in somewhere it puts a smile on my face (and quite often on the designers face as well). This helps me to get in the flow more easily, so I thought what the heck. Let it stay.

 Currently it lives on my laptop, but this will be on loremriksum.nl soon (I hope).