Studie AAN/UIT

Studystore helps you to study smart. By delivering studybooks at home and by buying back second-hand books after the academic year. With Studie AAN/UIT we made sure that Dutch students found Studystore when it was time to either buy or sell their studybooks.

Something that hasn't been turned OFF can't be turned back ON again. Thats why we went wild on social media and helped students to get the most out their time OFF during the summerbreak. With studenthacks and studilemma's we tried to get top-of mind (and stay there). We inspired them with activities throughout the summer and offered a quick and simple way to pay for them (2 cases of beer and 5 pizza's = 4 old studybooks). When it was time to turn those studies back ON, we offered complete book packages at the single click of a button. Minimum effort, maximum result. That's studying smart.

With Studie AAN/UIT we realised sustainable growth on all social media channels and high engagement during a period when students are busy with anything but studying. The buyback of second-hand text books increased by 57% (studieUIT) and the overall yearly sales by 7% (studieAAN).

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