RE: Sturen

Because I wanted kudo's.

During my first years of college I had a ritual with one of my friends who also was my roommate; whoever woke up first would make coffee, buy cigarettes (if needed) and wake the other to consume this breakfast together. (Looking at the time we woke up lunch might be a better description but whatever.)

While discussing the night before, we would drink our coffee, smoke our cigarettes and tried to laugh our troubles away. To get those laughs going we always started our sessions by watching some clips on Dumpert (if you're Dutch you probably know). We probably did this for the better part of 3 years. Every day.

Partially joking I made him a promise that someday in the future, I would make a video that would reach the toppers. I probably made more promises back then. And probably did not live up to quite a few, but this is one if which I can proudly say that I kept it.

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