Rik 2


Look mom, I became a copywriter! That means that I've finally found my excuse to show up late, dress shitty, and tell bad puns. Hah!

It also means that I am good with stories and great with words. They are my bread and butter.

I’m the kind of guy you either hate or love. If you can stand my sarcasm and don’t misread my assertive nature as arrogance, the ride will be long and fun. If not, well… at least you’ll know it ride away. (sorry)

When I'm not working you are most likely to find me on a bike, boat, golfcourse or the internet.

The agency life

FX Agency

September 2020 - Present 

Stay tuned...

Han Snel

December 2019 - July 2020 

Bakker Bart, Beko, Bidfood, Het Goed, Wecycle, Qbuzz


March 2018 - October 2019

VPRO, Studystore, ING, Ordina, Ridder, Bindinc. 
Blue Sky Group, de Pensioenfederatie, HZPC


June 2017 - February 2018

Batavus, FBTO, Eneco, NS, FORT advocaten,

The student life


Nederlands Instituut voor Marketing (NIMA) | Certificate

Marketing Communications

International Advertising Association | Certificate

BSc Marketing (Creative Industries)

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht | Degree

Pre-university education (VWO)

Katholieke Scholengemeenschap De Breul | Degree

The life before

Born in '93. Started talking in full sentences after 7 months and walking after 16.

Yes, I was telling stories 9 months before taking my first steps. Some people might use this as an excuse to write something like:

"The fact that I was telling stories 9 months before taking my first steps speaks for itself. Something something about being a born storyteller.. blah blah blah."

Thank god I'm not like that.

Wanna chat?

Say hi@ikbenrik.nl !